So who's left out there......

So who's left out there...

Tuesday, 07 July 2009
As at 6am on the 7th July 2009

Sean and Derek made it to Diemersfontein last night completing the race in 22 days - well done guys

At Trouthaven last night: Error Estelle and Brett who are on track to finish in 23 days. Louis and Pierre who are on 22 days are also due to finish today. Estie and Andre, Derrick “2 bike” Baard on 21 days should also finish today.

Greg on 22 days arrived in Montague at 17h15 yesterday afternoon. There is lots of respect for Greg. Aafter getting so sick in Prince Albert he has clawed his way back and might now even finish on Thursday 9th in a total 24 days.

Siseko, slept at McGgregors, who has been out there for 24 days, is seriously running out of time. Carol, the lady who runs the guest house in McGregors is a really super hostess and will make sure Siseko is well looked after.

Eric(21 days) and Bruce (22 days) were in Rouxpos last night (unconfirmed) and are cutting it fine – they really don't want to get back to work!

Tim van Coller on 21 days was in Dam se Drift last night (unconfirmed). Sadly it does not look like he will make the cutoff but judging by his race so far I'm sure he will push on to the finish anyway. He might even wait for Mike Roy who is officially out of the race but is still making his way to Diemersfontein albeit on the touring route.

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