2014 Freedom Challenge Rough Sleep

So I have signed up for the next challenge..........a rough sleep Freedom Challenge.

Thanks to Bell South Africa for making the rough sleep challenge possible !!!

I hope that I would be able to move the earth for you, and secure tons of pledges for the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund.

The rough sleep madness became reality after a couple of beers shared between friends during the Swazi Frontier. I was asked the famous question :
Why do I sleep rough during the Freedom Challenge?

And my reply were :

  • To save time.....
  • To have some quality sleep, nobody snoring or waking you up......
  • Sometimes you just get so tired you can't move forward.........
  • To enjoy the Freedom Challenge completely.
Well then the next question was posed : Do I think it's possible to sleep rough all the way to the finish ? and without thinking, taking another sip of beer I answered : YES !!!!

Yes it's possible, and with the sponsorship from Bell, it will be made possible.

The better idea around the "Rough Sleep Challenge" is to source pledges from you the viewers, follower and late night trackers.

You are urged to make a pledge of whatever amount you're happy with per night that I sleep rough. Pledges can be made by replying with your pledge on my blog, or replying to the article on the HUB  


All pledges will be calculated, collected and transferred to Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund after completion of the race.

Happy Pledging !!!!