The reason behind the madness.....

After a lot of years and wanderings on the trails of the Freedom Challenge, I finally got to the reason behind my madness to compete in the Freedom Challenge !!!!

I've got a burning desire to satisfy the following needs :

  • To experience the people and the land
  • To explore my limits and to push my boundaries
  • To learn to appreciate life itself
  • To complete the route in the shortest possible time
  • To navigate only by means of a compass, maps and narratives
  • In a personal challenge against myself, facing and conquering my fears

By mountain biking non stop under my own power across remote parts of South Africa on unmarked off road terrain, through dirt roads, farm roads and tracks, footpaths and animal tracks, navigating only by means of maps and narratives, without the use of GPS devices. Doing it in an orderly and unsupported manner, experiencing the true splendor of the country and the warm hospitality of its people, while adhering to the rules of the Freedom Challenge under my own power without the aid of others, finishing in the shortest possible time.

The Soul of Mountain Biking !!!!

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