Plannining for Freedom Challenge 2011

Here we are again planning for next year Freedom Challenge and the following questions come to mind :

Why would I plan to do another Freedom Challenge ?

Well I can think of a couple of valid reasons :

The Freedom …….

I am longing for the Freedom, Freedom from the world that we are living in, the financial constraints, the obligations and everything else that withheld me from the Freedom. I want peace and quiet, I want to touch the stars, breathe the untouched nature and enjoy the Freedom paradise. Experience the freedom where only a handful has tramped.

The Challenge ……

The Challenge against myself. I know I can do better and I know for a fact that I can beat myself. I have learned from passed mistakes and hopefully I won’t make the same mistakes. To succeed I will have to push myself harder, plan better and stick to a vigorous exercise program.

Miles for Smiles

It is like David says :” Make your journey count, make a difference "
Why wouldn’t you make a difference in a child’s life, you the audience must set the goals and with your donations and I will try to make it make happen.

The people of the trail

I can’t wait to visit the people of the trail, friendly down to earth people who let dirty stinking rides in their homes, giving them the best they have got, as if you were the long forgotten son. People who can remember your name and the colour of you eyes as if you were there yesterday.


The sense of achievement, no matter if it takes you 26 days, it still remain a hell of a achievement !


The motivation to drive yourself no matter what the circumstances. If you can finish a Freedom Challenge you should be able to reach all the goals that you set for yourself in life.

To appreciate God

First of all you will thank God for your mere existence and the chance to take part in the Freedom Challenge, then you will thank God for keeping you on track, and then you will thank God for sharing the beautiful trail and its wonderful people with you. There will be many a time when you are on your own, and during this time you will start to appreciate the smaller unnoticed things in life, you will start missing your loved ones, and appreciating their love more than ever.

What would I have to do ?

Secure a sponsorship

I will have to secure a sponsor, it has become very pricy to enjoy the Freedom, and without the necessary Sponsership I would be steeling my loved one’s freedom.

Exercise more than ever

My Polar training program helped me to increase my fitness level significantly, so much so that I finished in three days less this year than the previous year. I have set myself a goal to complete a running marathon by the of January 2011, which will assist a lot with the cycling.

Sort out one piece of the road

I will have to sort out the Bushelweni forest section before Centocow in order not to make the same mistake as in the past.

With your support and with God's blessings I should be able to realise my dreams

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  1. Dis lekker om al die "lieg stories" te lees. Bly jy het weer ingeskryf vir Freedom. Dit was ongelooflik vir my ook en wil graag weer ry in 2012. Moet eers geld spaar of soos jy se, sponsor kry. Lekker oefen. Ek het nou begin met trail running want ek het maar gesukkel met die loop en bulte.