Rough Sleep in support of Freedom Challenge scholarship Fund !!!

I might have gone completely mad, but here is my plan.....

First of all this plan is not about me, it is about you and what you can do for the Freedom Challenge Scholarship Fund and our Heavenly Father giving me an opportunity to make it happen.

This plan will depend on your involvement and how much you want to make a difference in someone's life and how big a smile you want to put on their face.

 The plan is for you to make a pledge from R 10 to whatever per night that I sleep rough during the Freedom Challenge. Sleeping rough will mean that I don't sleep in a support station, or any other inhabitant accommodation.

Sleeping rough will mean sleeping under the stars, or in an abandoned building.

Are you willing to make the plan work and to change a life for the better ?

The Rough Sleep rules as compiled by David Waddilove........

  • I will eat and sleep at the start and the finish.
  • There are 25 Support Stations where I will receive meals, a shower and charge batteries.
  •  There are 5 Intermediate Stations where I can call for soup or whatever food they offer.
  •  I am allowed to make use of 6 Support / Intermediate stations for emergency accommodation.
  •  I may not sleep within a 2 km radius of any Support Station.
  •  Maximum time allowed at a Support Station will be 2 hours, in other words no unnecessary time wasting.

Please help me to make this plan work, by making your pledge on the blog.

Give some academic approved willing child the opportunity to make a change for the better of this world. 

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