Boet Werrie June 10 Day 0: Getting to Pietermartizburg

I finished off at lunch time on Friday, went home, loaded my bike, rechecked everything (without
ticking off my packing list) and took a quick snooze whilst I waited for Elitza and the kids. For some
reason I had this nagging feeling that I forgot something…

We picked Tony Wright & Caren Henchel up from the airport – they rode with me the previous year in the Freedom Recce ride and we started the race together. We then got stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on the main highway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. We spent about 2 hours
covering 8km, bumper-to-bumper ugly stuff. To make matters worse, I arranged to pick Marnitz up
next to the highway (he was on training in the area). Kudus to my boet, for having the patience
waiting for us, laying low in a culvert next to the highway – at least he sent us his co-ordinates thru
his cell phone. This didn’t help the pre-race nerves at all. Elitza kept the kids amazingly busy during
this ordeal. We were supposed to be at Pmb at 6pm, but only arrived well after 8pm.

We received our race briefing whilst gulping down dinner. Then had to sign the indemnity form,
received our tackers and got about rebuilding our bikes. It was late at night, whilst arranging my
riding clothes for the next day, when I discovered that I forgot my Able Centre cycling shirts at home!

I tried getting a cycling shirt from friends in PMB, but at 11pm, not many people have their cell
phones on. I decided that I’ll ride in a cotton shirt, but did mention it to Johann Rissik, the race

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