2011 Miles for Smiles Pledge

Pieter Cordier from Design Layout and Print made it possible for me to once again partake in the 2011 Freedom Challenge.

Design Layout & Print has established itself as one of the leaders in the advertising for retailers and wholesalers industry.  They have a huge digital library with the latest groceries, non-food, hardware and cosmetic images.  They are also on-line with Quick Cut in Johannesburg that also supplies digital images.  They have the latest CANON D7 digital camera.  Design Layout & Print have seven designing stations with the latest hardware and software.  Design Layout & Print make use of the biggest printers in Johannesburg and delivers to all their customers Country Wide !

Design Layout and Print will be my Primary sponsor for the 2011 Freedom Challenge, and in doing so Design Layout & Print has made it possible for me to do a fund raise for Miles for Smiles.

About the Cipla Miles for Smiles foundation.

The Cipla Miles for Smiles foundation was formed to assist Operation Smile in creating awareness for the plight of children born with cleft lips and palates and raise funds to perform corrective surgery on them.

The foundation has a fundamental aim, to inspire and challenge individuals to go out and make a difference in the lives of those around them, by challenging themselves to achieve the impossible and by doing so make a difference.

For all enquiries

please contact media@milesforsmiles.co.za

Help Us Make a Difference

For every R5,500.00 donated to Operation Smile South Africa we can facilitate corrective facial surgery on a child and give them their God-given right to a smile.

With a simple operation of some 45 minutes a child's life can be changed forever.

So now I need Challengers, challenging me to finish in a certain time with your pledge ( any amount of money ) Any amount of money will do, it is up to you, and if I made the challenge, you will have to donate youp plegde into the Miles for Smiles account.

You can make your pledge  by replying to this post, all pledges will be shown on the blog.

So start Challenging !!

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